Services Tailored To Your Needs

At "Texasia International Fashion Co., Ltd." we provide ranges of services that might require by our customers for their apparel production needs.

Sustainable Sourcing

At "TEXASIA" we identify and select suitable suppliers and manufacturers of fabrics, and raw materials that can meet the customer's specific product requirements

Sample Development

At "TEXASIA" we assist in the sample development phase to create prototypes and samples that align to the customer's vision and specifications

Price Negotiation

At "TEXASIA" we, having a customer centric philosophy, negotiate competitive pricing and favorable terms that confirms smooth business and ensure high profitability

Technical Support

At "TEXASIA" we assist in the technical aspects of garments designing, including pattern making, grading, construction details, ensure designs are production ready

Production Monitoring

At "TEXASIA" we closely monitor the production process to ensure it adheres to the agreed-upon and that orders are delivered on time with premium quality goods.

Quality Assurance

At "TEXASIA" we implement strict quality control measures during the production process to maintain high quality in the bulk production of the ordered goods.

Status Reporting

At "TEXASIA" we provide real-time transparent updates on the status of production and shipping to keep buyers informed about the progress of their orders

Logistics Shipping

At "TEXASIA" we handle the logistics and shipping process efficiently, ensuring that goods are transported securely and arrive at the destination without complications

Post Shipment Support

At "TEXASIA" we offer after-sales support, addressing any issues that may arise and facilitation favorable solutions and build trust in between to thrive future collaboration

BSCI & SEDEX Certified garment factory

Mitigating needs of apparel clothing production of customers from many origins, awaiting you to show how we contribute for increasing our customers profitability

Best Ready-made Garments Supplier in Bangladesh

Are you in need of trusted supplier for your garment productions?

Certified Production Plants

Texasia International Fashion Co., Ltd. has strong industry presence to supply with the high quality garments from it's owned certified garment factory

Mass Production Capacity Low MOQ

We are very much customer centric, we offer low MOQ to the customers so they can enjoy freedom of ordering as much as they actually need to produce, although we have mass production capacity.

Flexible Terms

We do not apply terms and conditions that may appear as burden to our customers, so we offer very flexibility in the terms of business.